Si’s Trail in Palos Verdes’ Rolling Hills


Would you like to live where hiking and horse riding trails are just moments away from your front door?  Live in Rolling Hills on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Rolling Hills is blessed with miles of  trails.

Si’s Trail provides gorgeous views from a number of vantage points.  If you start from the trailhead just north of Crest Road, on the western side of Portuguese Bend road, on many days you’ll have encounter beautiful vistas ranging from Malibu, the Wilshire Corridor and Downtown.  At sunset, the downtown buildings may beam back to you in a beautiful golden light.

The trail is nice and wide – great for walkers and riders alike.  If you’re heading downhill, it’s gentle in some areas and moderately steep in others.  This is one of Rolling Hills’ longer trails and a round trip can take a walker anywhere between an hour and two hours depending on the pace.  In the summer you may find the opportunity to enjoy fresh, organic blackberries that can easily be picked as you head up or down the trail!

“One of the City’s longest trails, Si’s begins at the second bend on Middleridge Lane and leads all the way to the top of the hill at Crest Road and Portuguese Bend.  A major landslide in 2001 blocked passage along this trail for several years.  however, repairs to the hillside are now complete nd this popular trail has been reopened.  Si’s Trail provides a picturesque journe through intermittent canopies of willow trees along a streamed at the canyon bottom.  The trail is a strenuous gradual climb with sections of steep grade.”1

Si’s Trail exemplifies on of the great attractions to living in Rolling Hills: its beautiful natural surrounding in a secluded community of one-story house, allowing the vistas to be seen by all the residents.  If you’re thinking of buying a home in Rolling Hills, other cities on the Palos Verdes Peninsula or Los Angeles area beach cities, call Clint Patterson to learn more or to find out about Rolling Hills homes available on the market: 310. 426.8811.

1 Source: Rolling Hills Caballeros Directory