Palos Verdes Peninsula Views are Valuable $$$$

PV Hills overlooking Catalina

In the City of Rolling Hills, there are currently 15 homes that are showing as ACTIVE in the MLS.  Many of these homes have SPECTACULAR view.

At $1.1M list price, there is one home listed as a short sale (bit of a fixer).  Other homes start around $1.7M.  Mike and I would be happy to arrange tours of any of these homes – just give us a call at (310) 426-8811 – we’ll be happy to work around your schedule and search priorities  If you live “on the hill” and would like to arrange a consultation to evaluate marketing strategies for the sale of your home, we’ll be happy to provide you with an in depth analysis and marketing plan.

When buying or selling a home in the Palos Verdes Peninsula, consider that the dollar value associated with a view may amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars and will vary with the type of view.  Some of the many views available in our cities include Ocean View, Harbor View, Bridge View, Pastoral View, Canyon View, City Lights View, Mountain View and so on.  One of the most coveted views is the Queen’s Necklace View.  The Catalina View is another highly sought after view.  The extent of the view is another consideration when “pricing” the value of a view.  Clearly “panoramic” is better than “peek-a-boo” views.

Another very important consideration for prospective buyers/sellers is that a view may change over time.  Trees, as they grow and mature may take away parts of a view or even all of a view.  There are currently a couple of cases being addressed by the City of Rolling Hills Committee on Trees and Views.  Ideally neighbors are able to work out the details and be considerate of each others’ needs for privacy and greenscaping preferences.  However, when all else fails, the City is one venue for Rolling Hills residents to pursue.  There are some historic legal cases from the City of Rolling Hills where damages and legal fees have evolved into VERY substantial amounts.

Bottom line:

1)  when you’re looking to buy or sell a view property, think about what it looks like today and what it will look like in a couple of years.

2)  Assume the worst case:  you may not be able to influence your neighbors’ decision to trim their trees, or not, without resorting to formal and potentially very expensive legal efforts.

3)  If you’re thinking about selling a view property, try to have the trees trimmed before the property enters the market or obtain a commitment to get the trees trimmed in the upcoming year – perhaps by offering to pay for the trimming and obtaining a pre-paid service order with a licensed landscaping company.  Be sure that the company is well regarded and licensed to do business in your city.

4)  Consider consulting with a real estate attorney if you have any questions about how these proceedings work and how ordinances are enforced.  At City Hall you’ll find staff who are well versed in these matters and they’ll be able to answer many of your questions.

There is a meeting of the City of Rolling Hills Committee on Trees and Views tomorrow, November 22 at 4pm.   Check out the City of Rolling Hills web page at where you can download a copy of the agenda’s for the Trees and Views Committees, the City Council or a number of other important documents.


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