Appreciative Feedback

Recent feedback from a transaction:

“Clint, seriously, you have been the most delightful and professional agent I’ve worked in a long time.
Nothing would make me happier than to have the opportunity to work with you again.”

— Sherry

One of my recent transactions closed thanks to everyone doing their part and my buyers being patient!  Initially this deal had fallen through because the seller was almost insistent that the seller’s preferred lender be the funding source.  We sat tight – demonstrated that the buyers were interested, reasonable and well qualified to complete the transaction.  At the end of the day, patience paid off and my purchasers are happily settling into their terrific home in time to celebrate the season.  The lesson learned is that when you’ve got a collection of professional team players on your side, you’re equipped to deal with the challenges that can inevitably evolve as part of a real estate transaction.

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