10 Things You Can Do to Prepare for a Real Estate Appraisal

Preparing your home for sale and dealing with all the details can be daunting.  The appraisal process has become more arbitrary since the mortgage industry has had to crack down.  In some instances, the appraisal may be conducted by someone without specific knowledge of the neighborhood and they may overlook some key attributes of your home.

Here are 10 things you can do to facilitate the inspection and hopefully show your home off in its best light:

1 Provide a list of the improvements and custom features – particularly those that may not be obvious

2 Ensure that there is access to each room

3  If you have a crawlspace, make sure that it is also accessible

4  Eliminate clutter – boxes and moving materials that are in the way or prevent access to some areas will not be helpful

5  Try to provide a place for your pet to stay away from the home during the appraisal appointment – taking it with you while you leave the premises for the inspection is the best strategy

6 Provide contact information for the Home Owners Association if you live in a condo, along with relevant documents such as fee statements

7  Clear out the attic

8 Try to provide as neat and tidy an atmosphere as possible – appraisers try to be objective, but the atmosphere may not reflect well in pictures they take for others who may view their reports

9 If you have any incomplete household projects, try to complete them before the inspection – the appraiser won’t give credit for custom closets that are not complete for example

10 Provide copies of any specific legal agreements you may have established with neighbors and others (e.g. easements)

If you are considering hiring your own appraiser to get an independent perspective for your own interest or you’d like it as a “second opinion” be sure that the appraiser you hire is qualified and licensed.  Give us a call at (310) 426-8811 if you’d like to learn more about preparing or dealing with the home sale or purchase process in Palos Verdes.

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